The Cirus Foundation has launched a Google Chrome plugin that allows people worldwide to take control of and profit from their data. All while being compensated in cryptocurrency via the $CIRUS token.

Cirus gives users the ability to make more money by doing what they already do. It has essential data sharing and monetization features. A user has to go into the extension's settings, enable the surf n' earn option, and provide the extension access to their location data to start earning for their data. They are soon launching Data Vault, a feature that offers more precise control of data sharing. Firefox and Microsoft Edge users will most likely be able to use it through further developments.

Cirus Foundation Managing Director Michael Luckhoo says the Ownership Economy has arrived, and it's here to stay.

"People didn't have a clear idea of what they were giving up when they first started surfing the web in the 90s or when they started browsing social media sites and apps in the 2000s. Things are different now. Cirus is about to make users the owners of their data the way Bitcoin allowed them to be their bank. User data no longer belongs to four or five tech giants. Instead, it now belongs to every individual surfing the web."

The best aspect is that the $CIRUS token is already available on the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum blockchains, making it accessible to a large portion of the crypto market that transacts in those ecosystems. It's time for the world's billions of web users to reclaim data, which was the first digital asset ever created by technology