Popular Beer brand Budweiser has launched an NFT collection. Its called “Budverse Cans: Heritage Edition”, the collection consists of 1936 unique NFT collectables referring to the year the company first started packaging the beer in cans.

Beer NFT? Surprisingly, popular brands quickly are levelling up in the metaverse. Though the perks aren’t mentioned, the company said that “These NFTs will act as your key to the Budverse and can unlock exclusive benefits, rewards, and surprises” in their discord server. Out of the total 1936 NFTs, 36 are listed as “Gold NFTs” that cost $999 that come with special rewards for the buyers. The remaining ones are priced at $499 and are categorized as “Core NFTs”. The NFT purchases are only available in the U.S, and the project is almost sold out. Beer fans are finally lining up to buy NFTs 😏

All the NFTs are unique in their own way; each is derived from classic photos, ads, and design documents charting the brand’s history.

Budweiser was early in this space as it bought the beer.eth domain in August 2021 and changed its Twitter username. Budweiser will mint the NFT’s themselves before distributing them to buyers, which will take the burden of “Gas” fees off the buyers.