National Football League star Dez Bryant is the latest celebrity to join the NFT space by launching a series of sports NFTs. Bryant, a former all-pro wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is partnering with oracle platform Chainlink to provide "dynamic" NFTs to Personal Corner, a platform he launched in 2016 to help athletes build virtual brands after a video game epiphany in 2016.

Personal Corner may use the Chainlink data feeds to create NFTs that can alter dynamically based on a variety of statistics throughout an NFL season, such as touchdowns, interceptions, tackles, sacks, and more.

Each NFT will 'upgrade' when specific milestones are completed, allowing entry to competitions and raffles for rewards such as signed memorabilia from the players.

The platform has access to high-quality, accurate decentralised data through 'data feeds, which can be monitored via Chainlink Nodes and the multitude of analytical tools provided.

Dynamic NFTs, according to Bryant, might revolutionise the way athletes interact with their fans by delivering a more engaging medium than static physical collectibles. "With Personal Corner and our athlete partners, one of our goals is to appeal to what attracts our fans and ecosystems, and that is real-world sports data. Chainlink is the solution to help us reach these goals," said Bryant, who owns a bunch of NFTs, including the Bored Ape Yacht Club ape.

Trevon Diggs, Maxx Crosby, Von Miller, and Marquise "Hollywood" Brown are among the NFL players invested in Bryant's platform.