Discord is a popular communication platform that was started to serve the gaming community but soon became a place to have conversations and hang out on the internet. People use Discord to conduct yoga classes, comedy fan clubs, and so much more. Discord has recently become popular among crypto communities as the defacto place to engage. It’s like a native app to the metaverse where most NFT projects and DOAs engage with their community.

What happened? Jason Citron, Discord’s CEO, shared a picture of their dashboard mockup showing how users will be able to connect their Discords to the Ethereum network via MetaMask.

The feature is yet to be released, and Jason might have shared it from a private development environment.

Discord currently boasts about 300 million users, with 150 million active monthly users. Last year, there were 6.7 million weekly active servers, essentially spaces with at least some conversation in a given week. This year, there are 19 million weekly active servers, which translates to 3x YoY growth, and the year hasn’t even ended yet.

Mixed reactions? Though some people seemed excited about the feature, others responded negatively.

But with new crypto and NFT projects launching by the minute, this collaboration with Ethereum could indeed leave a significant mark on its ecosystem.