Hulu is making its way into crypto, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse to target "the streamers of tomorrow," according to a new job posting.

According to the job posting, the streaming platform is looking for a "cultural trend marketing manager" to help it "breakthrough into other sectors outside of streaming," with experience in "metaverse, crypto and NFT platforms".The corporation identified crypto and the Metaverse as a growing market, citing how younger populations consume material in less traditional ways.

Hulu's parent company, Disney, looks at the Metaverse similarly, citing NFTs and augmented reality as major new tech trends to monitor in a recent job ad.

In November, Disney introduced its "Golden Moments" NFT collections on VeVe, a marketplace based on the Gochain blockchain, which contained intellectual property from its Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars titles.

Disney's crypto ambitions go beyond NFT drops, with CEO Bob Chapek telling CNBC in November that his objective is to "leverage Disney+ as the metaverse's platform."

According to another recent job posting from Disney Parks, Products and Experiences seeking help to "lead Disney's efforts in the NFT space," the multimedia conglomerate's interest in NFTs could be expanding to its actual park locations.

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