Invisible College is a web3 university that teaches people by forming a decentralized community (DAO). Students will vote for the curriculum using the community's tokens.

The founder of the DAO, deWilde, has previously run boot camps and online tutorials but is now trying to build a new platform with a web3 paradigm. Here, the college tuition is paid in the form of NFTs. Students will have to purchase one of Invisible college's NFT's known as "Decentraliens" to be a part of the program. The DAO might initially put courses related to smart contracts and NFTs up for voting.

What's the upside for students? Here, the DAO allows students to sell their NFT once they are done with the course. Hence they can get back the amount invested once they complete the course. Invisible college plans to launch the Solana blockchain-based platform and sell NFTs for 1 SOL ($180).

"Invisible College is ambivalent about offering formal credentials; its focus is on building practical lessons that will let students build projects of their own." says the founder.