Melania Trump, Former First Lady, launches an NFT titled “Melania’s Vision,” and features the artwork of her own cobalt blue eyes using watercolors by artist Marc-Antoine Coulon.

Mrs. Trump is the latest addition to join celebrities launching NFTs for a cause. A portion of proceeds from the initial sales will go towards helping children ageing out of the foster care system. The percentage of the funds going to the cause remains undisclosed. At present, the NFT is available to buy on her own NFT platform, it is available to buy till the 31st of December and is currently being sold for 1 SOL

This NFT project is launched on Solana blockchain, which is an ETH competitor known for its low gas fees. Many speculated that Mrs. Trump partnered with Solana for this sale, but representatives from Solana clarified that this launch is not part of any Solana-led initiative. Mrs. Trump also plans to release more digital collectables in the future, their team is also hosting an auction on January 11, 2022, that includes both digital and physical artwork.