In a post on the Oculus blog, the company said it’ll cover the progress it’s made on the metaverse and offer “a look at what’s to come in the near and far future.”
At last year's Connect, the company changed its name from Facebook to Meta.  The company has said followers see information on the Horizon Worlds virtual reality app and hinted at the launch of a high-end “Project Cambria” headset.

Sometime back, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the launch of a new VR headset in October, which looks very similar to the leaked renders of Project Cambria.

The headset will include eye and facial tracking and color passthrough, and it’s rumoured to have a higher-res screen than what’s currently included on the Oculus Quest 2. There is also speculation around updates to Horizon and avatar graphics. Horizon Worlds is the company’s flagship metaverse app, which lets people create their own experiences and hang out in virtual reality.

Sorare is partnering with NBA for a new fantasy basketball game

Sorare is now launching the official NBA fantasy basketball game following the successful debut of its fantasy soccer platform, which helped to fuel the growth of both NFT gaming and digital sports collectibles.

Sorare will release a fantasy basketball game based on the NFT called Sorare: NBA  this fall. Users can buy and sell virtual basketball player cards, just like in other Sorare games. They also can design player lineups and score points based on how they perform in actual games.

To keep their transaction fees low, the company switched to ZK rollup in collaboration with Starkware. Data from CryptoSlam shows that Sorare has sold more than $421 million worth of NFTs on the secondary market so far. The company claims to have more than 2 million users overall, with 380,000 active monthly users.

Gameplay Galaxy raises $12.8 million in seed funding to build decentralized games

Web2 sports and racing games company Gameplay Galaxy raised $12.8 million in a seed round to build decentralized competitive games.

Here, users can acquire racing-related gaming assets, such as racetracks and characters, as NFTs that can be purchased and traded on its decentralized market.  Players then earn money via winning races. The company plans to use the seed financing to build its team and extend its blockchain-based gaming environment.

With the help of its well-known game, Trial Xtreme, it intends to launch this decentralized gaming experience. Players can earn money through winning races, competing in tournaments and hosting competitions for others.

Blockchain Capital led the Seed Round along with Solana Ventures, Merit Circle, Com2uS, Mysten Labs, and Solana Ventures.