The one name you might have heard even though you don't watch basketball is Michael Jordan, the 6 time NBA champion and Chicago bulls legend. He along with his son, Jeffrey Jordan is now launching a Web3 fan engagement app called HEIR.

HEIR plans to launch its application on the Solana blockchain, a community platform that connects professional athletes to their avid fans. It is backed by Thrive Capita, which has invested $10 Million in the seed funding round, along with Solana Ventures, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and a few others.

"The platform is designed for athletes and other culture creators to expand, enhance, and deepen their relationships with their supporters around the world through membership-based access to digital assets and intimate first-person drops."

The fans can mint the HEIR token, that is tagged to an NFT to join the athletes limited capacity "huddle" for exclusive access, and community building features.

The platform is scheduled for lunch next year. The platform is co-led by former Nike brand manager Jeron Smith and marketing consultant Daniel George.  Here is a new addition to the fan-engagement x Social token platform. We see that many professional athletes are setting up their legs on platforms like these to launch their tokens, or to benefit their personal brand.