Electronic music producer Joel “deadmau5” Zimmerman is diving further into the metaverse with another NFT collection called “head5.” Along with “Smearballs” DenBoer, deadmau5 will create 5,555 NFTs, minted on the Polygon blockchain on head5.io.

The 3D head-shaped NFTs will cost 0.15 ETH each, or about $680 when published. Buyers also will receive a 4k rendered image in addition to a 3D model.

Each head avatar is a permutation of four categories: skull, eyes, ears, and mouth. Smearballs have created over 200 assets for the collection but added a few surprises as well. In designing the NFTs, he mixed in “five jokers, like a deck of cards,” with unique traits that won’t appear on other NFTs in the collection.

3D avatars: The head5 collection has partnered with Ready Player Me, a 3D avatar creation platform with over 720+ metaverse integrations. Collectors can connect their NFTs to the platform and use their integrations. Ready Player Me will allow 720+ games and apps such as VR Chat, Animaze and MeetinVR.

“Our goal is to make these avatars work in as many places as possible,” Smearballs said.

Deadmau5 is not new to NFT’s, one of his rarest NFT cards was resold for $10,000, with others currently reselling for nearly $4,000.