Infinity, a new Opensea competitor backed by NFT whale 0x_b1 and other large NFT influencers launched yesterday. It is community-owned and governed through a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Infinity is using open-source smart contracts built by OpenSea and claims to have extremely low gas fees.

Competing with OpenSea isn't easy. In the last 30 days over 250,000 unique users have transacted worth $2.8Billion on Opensea. This volume was spread across 2.45 Million transactions. Infinity is trying to rope in Openseas users with an airdrop.

30 days trailing activity on OpenSea

Are you an OpenSea user? 10% of the governance token supply ($NFT) will be distributed to existing OpenSea users who transacted before October 4th, 2021 11:59 PM UTC. OpenSea users can list their NFT's here with zero cost without re-initiating your wallet or re-approving tokens. The airdrop amount is based on tiers derived from OpenSea transaction volume

"We plan to build a platform that incorporates more integrations and tools for evaluating, providing liquidity, and adding more utility to NFTs." says the founder