NFT platform Zora made a no-code tool that makes it easier to create a DAO, powered and funded through NFT auctions. That means anyone can now build an NFT-driven DAO for almost any project.

This whole thing was first introduced by the Ethereum project Nouns, which created a new type of on-chain organization, using a daily NFT auction to establish community and open-source IP. Through the NFT sales, Nouns has raised tens of millions of dollars in Ethereum.

Buying an NFT entitles the owner to membership in the DAO, and over time, Nouns has solidified its larger focus of advancing open-source intellectual property.

The new tool is called Nouns Builder because Zora is expanding Noun's model. It's a no-code, turnkey solution that's open source and free to use, with the goal of making it simple for Ethereum DAOs to get up and running.

Most DAOs are unlikely to raise tens of millions of dollars by selling NFTs. However, Zora believes the model still applies to a wide range of organizations, including social groups, DAOs that collect artwork or other assets, and communities supporting a protocol or platform.

According to Zora co-founder Jacob Horne, Nouns Builder is highly customizable to accommodate various types of projects with varying auction cadences and incentive tweaks, making it potentially suitable for any purpose.

Zora has also launched Builder DAO, which uses Nouns Builder and also lets members govern the tool's protocol going forward. The team submitted a financial support proposal to the Nouns DAO today in the hopes of receiving a 1,000 ETH grant to seed Builder DAO and enable further development and support of Nouns Builder.

GameStop NFT Marketplace is now Live on ImmutableX

GameStop's NFT marketplace is officially launched on Immutable X, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling mechanism. The collaboration was first announced in February, and since July, the GameStop NFT platform has been available as a beta version.

In addition to other web3 games, GameStop's marketplace will provide assets for Immutable X titles, including Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, and Illuvium. Immutable X's Ethereum scaling will enable fee-free transactions and carbon-neutral minting.

The company's business has been struggling, but it has the potential to become a significant participant in the NFT gaming market, competing with platforms for crypto-native gaming like Fractal. Sources reveal that gaming NFTs' weekly sales have marginally rebounded from the summer's bear market in recent months.

Blockchain startup Chain announces sponsorship deal with Miami Heat

The National Basketball Association's (NBA) Miami Heat and blockchain infrastructure startup Chain have signed a collaboration agreement that will see the adoption of Web3 initiatives into the Miami stadium and the placement of the company's branding on players' shooting jerseys.

With the goal of "bridging the gap between the sports sector and Web3 technology" for the audiences of both companies, Chain and the Miami Heat want to work together.

Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal intends to interact with the local Heat fan base by scheduling events and creating digital material for social media channels.

Chain specialises in fusing Web3 technology with Web2 businesses and assets. Most recently, it gained attention for its non-fungible token (NFT) partnership with Tiffany, a jewellery company, and NFT powerhouse CryptoPunks, which generated $12 million in sales volume. A week ago, it also announced a collaboration with the National Football League's (NFL) New England Patriots.