The drop of the $SOS token has sparked a lot of conversation on Twitter. The OpenDAO issued a token that could be claimed by any wallet that had made a transaction on OpenSea. The allocation is based on the overall number and volume of ETH, DAI, and USDC transactions on OpenSea. Users have until June 30, 2022, to claim their tokens and the remaining will be sent to the DAO Treasury.

How to claim the drop? OpenDAO has made the process of claiming SOS tokens quite simple. Users must first connect their wallet, enter data on the amount spent on the platform, and then receive their reward. For claiming the NFT, users will have to pay a gas price (0.002 ETH). The core contributor and the initiator of the project are 9x9x9eth. You can check about it here.

“$SOS is grateful to all NFT creators, collectors and markets for nurturing the entire NFT ecosystem. Special thanks go to OpenSea for its leadership in promoting NFT trading. To pay tribute, we have chosen OpenSea collectors to conduct our airdrop.”

The company claims that 50% of the $SOS token will be awarded to all OpenSea addresses that have traded since day one. The total number of tokens distributed is shown below.

The project has already received great success, with 2,41,081 addresses claiming the tokens and releasing almost 23.9 trillion SOS tokens. There are already platforms that provide access to $SOS tokens, and there are speculations that some great projects might be cooking up for the token holders.