Snoop Dogg, the popular rapper and hip-hop artist, launched his first NFT in collaboration with stereoscopic 3D artist Coldie on NFT marketplace SuperRare during Miami Art Week. The collection is titled “Decentral Eyes Dogg”, a 3D collage of ten of Snoop’s portraits from various stages of his life, with audio recorded exclusively by Snoop.

“The tech we used allows the viewer 2 travel thru the piece and experience highlights of my career with some audio narration from me,” Snoop tweeted, unveiling the artwork.

This isn’t Snoop’s first foray into the NFT space. He previously organized a show on Sandbox’s metaverse platform and launched an NFT collection, “A Journey with the Dogg”, featuring hip-hop legends. He is, in fact, a prominent celebrity in the NFT space.

With three days left on the auction, bidding on the piece has already reached 169 ETH or over $750,000. His co-creator Coldie is planning to use Augmented Reality for the artwork. Snoop’s management team has considered using the artwork as augmented reality labels for wine bottles or a book cover.

"We could do Snoop wine bottles that use augmented reality, where the portrait comes to life on a wine bottle. That leads so much more value to the collector because he’s got millions of eyes on the artwork," Coldie said.

The artwork will be shown at SuperRare’s nftnow x Christie’s trade show ‘The Gateway’ at Miami Art Week on Dec 3.