Although it's the most futuristic and cutting-edge technology now in use, it's still 2000s in the Web3 universe because it's just born. One needs to have their laptop browser with them to properly receive updates and surf web3 products and services.

Now, Solana is going mobile! The network will soon launch a Web3 mobile phone that could compete with major industry players like Apple and Microsoft.

This afternoon in New York City, Solana announced the launch of the Solana Mobile Stack software ecosystem for Android, along with an upcoming Android smartphone called Saga, made in collaboration with Osom. Preorders are now being accepted for the $1,000 product. The Saga will ship in the first quarter of 2023, and a $100 deposit is needed.

Created by a team of former Essential engineers and designers, the phone was formerly known as the Osom OV1. The goal of Saga is to deploy digital asset products and services so customers can quickly transact with their crypto through a mobile device rather than a laptop browser.

Saga's key features include:

Solana Mobile Stack (SMS): An open-source software kit made to facilitate the development of native Android apps built around the Solana blockchain. The kit includes the Mobile Wallet Adapter, a protocol for plugging in mobile Solana wallets.

Mobile Wallet Adapter: Connects web apps and native Android apps to wallets on mobile devices. It is designed to support all mobile platforms.

SolanaPay: enables mobile payments via the platform. And the "seed vault" is a custody solution that keeps private keys, seed phrases, and other sensitive information secure on an Android device.

Web3 dapp store: The dapp store will provide easy access to a vast proliferation of crypto-native apps and wallets built on Solana, and There will be no extractive fees.

Seed Vault: A distinctive feature that keeps users' private keys, seed phrases and other private information protected from exploits and attacks.

"Web3 still feels like we're in the year 2007," Steven Laver, mobile engineering lead at Solana Labs said. "[SMS] can build experiences for the community … it will treat SMS devices as first-class citizens on Solana."

Prominent crypto firms, including FTX, Phantom, Orca, and Magic Eden, will partner with SMS, and there is also a $10 million developer fund available for those who create apps based on it.

"We live our lives on our mobile devices – except for Web3 because there hasn't been a mobile-centric approach to private key management," Yakovenko, a Solana co-founder, said in a press release. "The Solana Mobile Stack shows a new path forward on Solana that is open source, secure, optimized for Web3 and easy to use."

Briefly put, by 2023, we will have Web3 mobile devices that hold the key to the future. Solana Labs wants to see it integrated by all major manufacturers. We'll have to wait and see if Solana Labs can persuade top Apple or even Android customers to be onboard with Saga. But now that we will have the entire Web3 ecosystem on a mobile, it is going to be too hard to ignore the technology, meaning more and more mainstream adoption.

Christiano Ronaldo is launching an NFT collection with Binance.

The five-time FIFA Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo, has struck a multi-year agreement with Binance to produce a series of NFT collections exclusively on the platform. Later this year, Ronaldo's first NFTs on Binance are anticipated to go on sale. The company anticipates that the relationship will increase awareness of NFTs due to Ronaldo's enormous popularity, which has over 459 million Instagram followers.

"Through this partnership, Binance will launch a global promotion aiming to give Cristiano Ronaldo's fans an introduction to Web3 with a compelling entry point into the world of NFTs," the release said.

In an effort to gain mass acceptance, cryptocurrency startups have relied on sports alliances. While cryptocurrency firm FTX Trading Ltd sold a stake to National Football League quarterback Tom Brady last year, signed a $700 million agreement to rename the Los Angeles Staples Center as the Arena.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO and founder of Binance, praised Ronaldo's accomplishments throughout his career and mentioned that the athlete has "transcended sport to become an icon in multiple industries."

‎‎‏‏‎ Zhao continued by saying that the Binance team is thrilled to give Ronaldo supporters special chances to interact with him and acquire parts of famous sporting history through the NFTs.

Iconic Fashion Brand Salvatore Ferragamo Opens NFT Booth in NYC

To reach a new, younger audience, a famous luxury brand, Salvatore Ferragamo is experimenting with NFTs.

It is opening an NFT store in the Soho district of New York City where Visitors can create customized NFTs with abstract forms and patterns. They can soon mint it as an Ethereum NFT using OpenSea. The shop will initially only carry 256 NFTs, but it is willing to extend further.

Visitors enter a mirrored area in the store and then choose from Shxpir's designs and other traits to create their NFT setting. They will then get the background they created as a stand-alone NFT and a video of themselves with the piece of art they selected as a background.

The new CEO, Marco Gobbetti, who took charge in January, aims to modernize and re-energize the brand. The company is attempting NFT integration into the physical experience since it is a developing area of experimentation for brands and merchants. The brand says one of the main goals of the NFT initiative was to make it an innately personal experience. Ferragamo described its NFT booth as a "multi-sensory" encounter that "blends the worlds of Web3 and in-person shopping."

"We know that the world of Web3 can be somewhat intimidating. As such, this project has been conceptualized in a way that demystifies the system...Even if you're not experienced in NFTs or if you don't have a wallet, we'll guide you through the steps required." says the CEO

This year, other high-end fashion labels other than Ferragamo entered the NFT market. The number has increased from Prada, Gucci and Lacoste, a French luxury brand that floated its Underwater (UNDW3) NFT line earlier this month.