DJ Steve Aoki revealed A0K1VERSE - an NFT-driven membership community built on top of Ethereum. Collectors holding the A0K1 Passport NFT gain exclusive access to live and virtual concerts, a private Discord server with Aoki himself a member, access to future metaverse events among other perks.

Steve is a prominent creator and collector of NFTs. Apart from owing Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, he has sold his own artwork as NFTs and had also announced a creator-focused NFT marketplace on Solana, in collaboration with comic artist Todd McFarlane. In December, Aoki was also announced as a partner in the metaverse game, The Sandbox, where he’ll have his own land which put him in line with artists like Snoop Dogg; who own plot in the game world.

In his conversation with Decrypt, Steve iterated that the project is designed to include various parts of his life from music to NFTs, fashion and so much more.

“When I started my label when I was 19, I was part of my own membership community—but it was punk,” Aoki recalled. “It was like we had our own little clique. We did our own little thing.”

A0K1VERSE is created in collaboration with smart contract startup Manifold. The startup has also powered NFT drops from Fortune and Mad Dog Jones and has raised funding from prominent crypto investor a16z.

Existing Steve Aoki NFT holders will be able to redeem A0K1 Credits for free and as holders participate in community events and gather more Credits, the evolving Passport will gain stamps and can even level up, unlocking access to additional perks.