Mirror, which is an Ethereum-based decentralised blogging platform, has opened its doors to a broader audience. To date, access to the platform was only available through vote-based contributions. Till yesterday, users had to be voted in by the existing community to write on the platform. They had to go through weekly contests, and the winners would be given a WRITE token which was redeemed for the mirror-hosted .xyz blog.

Mirror is like a Medium but a completely decentralised and community-owned platform. It lets users sign in through their ETH wallet. Joining Mirror does not only make you a community member. It makes you a co-owner of the platform. As a result, the platform is a sum of its contributors.

Why is Mirror important?

Mirror has slowly become a crypto-native way to share community updates, and hence a lot of DAO(decentralised autonomous organisations) use Mirror to share updates. Mirror seeks to democratise revenue streams for creators. Writers on Mirror earn not in cash but Ethereum. Yes, you heard that right.

There are multiple ways for content creators to earn on the platform; these are

-tips from readers

-the written article becomes an NFT. They can keep making money into the future, each time an NFT is sold

-Creators can hold auctions or even run crowdsourcing campaigns like this

Why is it important? Platforms like Mirror boost the creator economy and let creators monetise their work while maintaining complete ownership.