Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and officials from the ruling Ak Party met earlier this week to discuss the metaverse, with the president calling for a thorough investigation.

According to a Daily Sabah newspaper, Erdoan has reportedly encouraged the Ak Party to investigate the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and how they are used in transactions.

Party officials were asked to analyse the phenomenon with critical long-term implications at a meeting on Jan. 25. The financial aspects of the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and social media are expected to be discussed at a forum arranged by the ruling party in the future.

The metaverse is gaining popularity in Turkey; according to some sources, thousands of digital territories in Turkey have already been purchased on game-based metaverse platforms, the majority of which are located inside the historic former metropolis of Istanbul.

Turkish authorities recently met in the metaverse to discuss cryptocurrency rules, according to Cointelegraph.

"I believe that metaverse-based meetings would be improved expeditiously and become an essential part of our lives," said Mustafa Elitaş, leader of Turkey's Grand National Assembly.