In the crypto world, Twitter has been making significant strides. According to a new job advertisement from the social media behemoth, it may be looking to hire a leader for its crypto section, which will focus on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Web3.

This is Twitter's most recent crypto-related initiative. The announcement comes as Twitter ventures further into the realm of Web 3.

Apart from Bitcoin, Twitter's push into other crypto projects comes just weeks after CEO Jack Dorsey quit Twitter's helm to focus on Square (later renamed Block), another company he founded. Dorsey is a Bitcoin maximalist, claiming that Bitcoin might bring "world peace".

"In this capacity, we'll be looking closely at NFTs and NFT tooling, membership tokens, DAOs and more!" the job listing post reads.
According to the post, Twitter is looking to employ a senior product manager working on crypto-related issues. The individual will look into a variety of aspects of the bitcoin industry.

The hired individual will be working in the same division as Tess Rinearson, Twitter's crypto engineering lead. Rinearson also confirmed that Twitter would publish more job listings related to the engineering division.

Collaboration with Bluesky, the company's decentralised social media endeavour, is listed as one of the senior product manager's expected responsibilities in the Twitter job posting.