Ryan Wyatt, the head of YouTube Gaming, will be leaving the Google-owned tech company soon. Wyatt will take over as CEO of Polygon Studios in March, a company specialized in developing on the Ethereum sidechain.

Wyatt believes a new initiative is needed despite YouTube's rising interest in blockchain and NFTs. "I came to YouTube about eight years ago to assist give gamers a voice and represent the needs of gamers every day," Wyatt tweeted.

"In my role at Polygon Studios, I will be focused on growing the developer ecosystem through investment, marketing, and developer support and bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. I'll be leading the Polygon Studios organization across Gaming, Entertainment, Fashion, News, Sports, and more."

Wyatt has earned the respect of YouTube Gaming creators as a YouTube executive, with the likes of "Call of Duty" streamer Dr Disrespect and 100 Thieves' Nadeshot, CouRage, and Valkyrae congratulating him today on the upcoming move.

Wyatt was the driving force behind YouTube Gaming's live streaming efforts, gaining exclusive arrangements with big names like TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and Dr Lupo. As a result, YouTube Gaming has established itself as a competitor to Twitch in the video game live-streaming industry, with its high broadcasting quality and roster of A-list creators.

Wyatt is now able to offer some of the same enjoyment to Web3. However, several gamers have criticized NFTs and blockchain networks, expressing concerns about energy consumption and the potential environmental impact of blockchains. Some gamers have also blamed cryptocurrency miners for not obtaining graphics cards for their gaming PCs.

In the future, he believes the next generation of gamers will "challenge conventional formats and want their time spent in-game to mean something & the value of their items to have an actual monetary value. Most in-game assets are illiquid; NFTs & the blockchain change this by providing an open, transparent market."

Polygon Studios announced in December 2021 that it will invest $100 million in gaming startup GameOn for future Web3-related projects. Polygon Studios' official site lists Atari and Animoca Brands as partners and NFT marketplace OpenSea and metaverse project Decentraland.