The company behind Pokemon GO, Niantic Labs, is launching a new feature to enable Fold app users to catch Bitcoin rewards. Instead of hunting for rare creatures and Pokemons, Fold app users will find and collect Bitcoin and other prizes by exploring the world around them.

Fold App is a Bitcoin rewards product that has partnered with various companies and retail outlets and lets you earn Bitcoin on everyday purchases. They even launched a debit card where you get BTC whenever you swipe the card.

If you dint play Pokemon GO, this was how it worked. The game's players use their mobile phones' cameras to project images of Pokemons into a real-world environment. Fold CEO Will Reeves says Fold AR users will have a similar experience but find different kinds of Bitcoin rewards instead of monsters.

"Initially, you can earn sats [the smallest denomination of Bitcoin], but you can also earn spins, which allows you to earn even more Bitcoin via the Fold app and down the line, you will be able to find actual collectables in the Fold AR experience that endow holders with special privileges, increased earning opportunities, and benefits as well, such as a permanent increase in rewards," says Reeves the founder of Fold.

Fold likely hopes to replicate that same success that Pokemon Go witnessed, with Niantic's help.